Surgery and Anesthesia  

At Forest Creek Animal Hospital we are all pet owners and care deeply for our four-legged family members just like you do.

We know that anesthesia and surgery can be very stressful for pet parents and recognize their concerns and fears.

We make every effort to be sure that anesthesia and surgeries are as safe and comfortable as possible. Our experienced doctors, our well-trained staff and state of the art equipment allow us to perform anesthesia and surgery in the safest manner possible. We pride ourselves on meticulous sterility in preparing our instruments and in our surgical room technique.

All pets undergoing anesthesia have pre-anesthetic blood work performed in an attempt to identify any underlying condition that might make surgery or anesthesia more dangerous. Our modern diagnostic testing equipment allows us to perform testing the same morning as surgery to gather up to the minute information on your pet’s health. The patient’s kidneys, liver, blood glucose, protein levels and cell counts are evaluated to allow the doctors to individually tailor the safest anesthesia protocol possible. In cases where more advanced tests are necessary, tests for blood clotting and liver function are available.

All pets have an intravenous catheter placed and are placed on IV fluids while under anesthesia. This helps maintain blood pressure, helps the patient wake up faster, helps protect the kidneys and gives us IV access in case medications are needed.  
All anesthesia patients are monitored constantly by our well trained veterinary technicians. Constant monitoring of the blood pressure, oxygen saturation (SPO2), body temperature, heart rate, ECG, and respiration help keep us informed of the patient’s status on a continual basis.

Keeping your pet warm and comfortable during anesthesia hastens recovery and comfort during and after anesthesia. We utilize safe and effective warming equipment to help maintain a healthy body temperature during anesthesia.  
Pain control is a major concern for our patients undergoing anesthesia and we utilize multimodal pain control, using several pain control modalities to minimize the dosing and side effects of any one medication. Local anesthesia, pre-medications (medications given before surgery), injectable pain medications, and post-operative medications provided for your pet all come together to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. This combination allows many patients, especially those having dentals and non-abdominal surgeries, to be sent home from anesthesia the same day, wide awake and comfortable.

Our doctors perform a variety of surgical procedures including ovariohysterectomies, castrations, abdominal exploratories, lump and tumor removals, wound repairs, and several different orthopedic procedures.
Please call if you have any questions regarding anesthesia or any of our surgical procedures. 

Forest Creek Animal Hospital is conveniently located at 2715 Red Bud Lane in Round Rock, TX. Call to schedule an appointment today!
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